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Do you want to start a blog?

Live the laptop lifestyle and make money online?

I went full-time with the online income life last year and it’s been a wild ride.

In essence, I did everything wrong for over two years.

Last year I left a high paying corporate 9–5 career to bet on myself. I was overall the BS that came with a 9–5.

It was a risky move — at the time I had made $200 from my blog (bold strategy Cotton).

My goal was to help people, learn how to make money online and free up my schedule to pursue professional golf.

Almost a year later I’m still at it and (finally) gaining some momentum. While I’ve had a blog for around 31 months I really have been actively blogging about half of them.

Before you quit your job to make money blogging make sure to read this. And if you have a blog already, I hope you’re not making any of these huge mistakes I did.


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